BITMAIN Releases ANTSPACE HW5, MD5 and Upgraded HK3

BITMAIN released 40-foot integrated hydro-cooling container ANTSPACE HW5, 40-foot oil-cooling container MD5 and upgraded HK3 at WDMS 2024, continues to lead technology development, and helps global clients realize cost-saving and profit-increasing on their mining farms.

ANTSPACE HW5 can hold 210 units of hydro-cooling ANTMINER and is compatible with ANTMINER S21 and S19 hydro-cooling series. ANTSPACE HW5 highly integrates the hydro circulation system required for the operation of hydro-cooling miners and the closed dry-wet tower system into a 40-foot container, which helps to simplify the deployment process, reducing MW low voltage cable costs, transportation costs, and land area per unit electricity consumption.


ANTSPACE MD5 represents a comprehensive oil-cooling mining solution. This innovative platform consists of a 40-foot oil-cooling container with a 40-foot Dry Tower mounted on top. The platform is divided into two symmetrical modules that function independently to enhance system reliability without interference. The complete oil-cooling system provides ANTMINER with an efficient, stable, and quiet operating environment. Coupled with Smart PDU and monitoring software, mining operations in various temperature zones worldwide can be easily managed.


ANTSPACE HK3 was launched with multiple components to meet the personalized needs of global clients. Equipped with a PTC heater, it enables rapid preheating in low-temperature environments. Components such as Solar Roof, Air Conditioner, and Sand Filter empower global mining operations. The upgraded dry tower supports a 1.3MW heat dissipation demand. The upgraded ANTSPACE HK3 also supports heat recovery for three ANTSPACE cooling solutions, boosting the efficiency of mining farms and promoting global energy conservation.


BITMAIN is committed to building a mutually beneficial, long-lasting, sustainable business relationship, and creating a green, clean, and efficient mining future through diversified liquid cooling solutions together with clients.

Post time: Jun-25-2024