JASMINER Unveils New X44 Series Products with a Power Efficiency Ratio of Only 0.1J/MH

JASMINER launched its latest X44 series products in April, which includes two product types: the Quiet Model and the Power Model. JASMINER X44-Q (Quiet Model) has a rated hashrate of 7800MH/s ± 10%, and a power efficiency ratio of only 0.1J/MH ± 10%. The rated hashrate of the JASMINER X44-P (Power Model) is 23400MH/s±10%, with a power efficiency ratio of only 0.1J/MH±10%.

The X44 series products, with their innovative power efficiency ratio of 0.1 joules per megawatt, not only reshape the industry’s new benchmark in energy efficiency but also demonstrate JASMINER’s continuous leadership in the field of energy efficiency. Since the X series first lowered the power efficiency ratio to 0.35J/MH, JASMINER has insisted on promoting technological progress, and JASMINER X16-P has further optimized it to 0.32J/MH. Now, the release of X44 once again breaks through the energy efficiency limit of Crypto computing servers, establishing JASMINER’s stable position at the peak of performance.


In addition to its unparalleled leading position in performance, the JASMINER X44 series products also continue to consolidate their advantages in application positioning for home users. The X44-Q has a noise level of less than 40dB and can be placed in home rooms or IDC server rooms, further meeting the needs of home users for high efficiency and ease of use.


JASMINER is dedicated to leveraging the widespread deployment of the X44 series to drive the entire industry toward a more efficient and more environmentally friendly future. Looking ahead to the future, JASMINER will continuously adhere to its core mission of “creating the best computing power” and provide secure, efficient, and stable computing infrastructure and service solutions for the global Web3 field.

Post time: Jun-19-2024