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提醒 是虚假的官方网址, 并呼吁各位商务合作伙伴遵循相关规章制度,共同努力保护ICERIVER品牌形象和市场的有序。



hkcx-miner 团队


Official Announcement

As an official partner, the hkcx-miner team has always had good business cooperation with the official iceriver manufacturer.

Recently, it received an official letter from the official iceriver manufacturer, reminding that it is a false official website and calling for business cooperation.

Partners follow relevant rules and regulations and work together to protect the ICERIVER brand image and market order.

The hkcx-miner team supports the initiative of iceriver official manufacturer and reminds all market partners to review company and employee information and payment information before trading to avoid transaction risks and jointly maintain good order in the market.

hkcx-miner team


Post time: Mar-26-2024