Solemn declaration from hkcx-miner 20240122


Dear customers and partners:

Be wary of telegram scammers pretending to be former employee Claire
Claire is a resigned employee of our company.

After leaving her job, she will no longer be engaged in the mining machine industry.

The company has issued a relevant statement on October 12, 2023.




1. Recently, there are still customer reports that scammers are pretending to be Claire’s identity information to commit fraud.

Customers, please be vigilant!

Be sure to verify employee information!
Be sure to verify employee information!
Be sure to verify employee information!

Official website to verify employee information:

2. This is the recent customer communication record



She has left our company,

and no longer engaged in the mining machine industry,

and now there is a liar pretending to be her identity, low price fraud customers




This channel has more than 13,000 subscribers. 

Please write in telegram. 

I think they are committing fraud. 

I wanted to buy equipment from a warehouse in Moscow, I was offered to first transfer money and then come to the warehouse. 

They damage your company’s reputation










Brush out the false data, many customers were deceived


3. Thank you again to our partners and best wishes!


Post time: Jan-22-2024