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Hashrate  264-288T±10%
Power Ratio  26J/T±5%
Power On Wall 6864~7488W ± 10%
PSU AC380-480V, 3W+ ground, input 10kw
Size 86mm*482.6mm*663mm with handle
Net weight 27.5kg
Weight with packaging materials 30kg
Coolant demand per machine About 1L
Power Cable Model Custom made , ≥16A
Internet Connections  Ethernet

Environmental Parameters

Liquid temperature ① Working temperature (inlet): 20℃
~50@normal mode 20℃~40℃@high performance
  ② Inlet temperature control accuracy ± 2℃
  ③Storage and transportation temperature: -40~70℃
  Note: please empty the liquid in the equipment
during storage and transportation.
Liquid flow  ①Limited Data:≥10L/min 
  ②Flow control accuracy ± 10%
  Remarks: 10L/min corresponds to the temperature
difference between inlet and outlet water close to
10℃@normal mode, 14℃ @high performance         Mode
Liquid pressure ≤350kpa
  Remarks: when the pressure is more than 350kpa,
the water-cooled plate will be deformed and cause
the risk of coolant leakage.
Liquid medium First-level deionized water: meet the requirements of the national standard GB/T 6682-2008 first-level deionized water
1)If the water conductivity is ≥100us/cm, the medium must be replaced;
The water conductivity is less than 5us/cm when the system is running for the first time.
Liquid PH Control range: 6~8
Liquid medium circulation  ①Anti-rust and anti-corrosion of pipeline;
system(Machine side) ②The particle diameter of the liquid medium is ≤53
microns, that is, the circulation system isequipped with a 270 mesh filter;
  ③Before connecting the cabinet to the heat dissipation system, clean and filter the system pipeline with
  deionized water to remove dust, welding slag and
other impurities;
  ④The temperature resistance of system components is
above 85℃;
  ⑤The circulatory system is recommended to be equipped with a UV lamp sterilization device to prevent the liquid from breeding bacteria and attenuate the heat dissipation capacity of the system;
  ⑥The system is equipped with a 4bar safety relief valve;
  ⑦The system is equipped with a constant pressure
expansion tank.
  Note: when the temperature of the coolant rises after the miner is turned on the pressure will rise.
Humidity  ①Working humidity: 5%RH~85%RH (non-condensing)
  ②Storage humidity: 5%RH~95%RH (non-condensing)
  ③Long-term storage humidity: 30%RH~69%RH
(no condensation)
  Remarks: The above liquid temperature and flow parameters are based on deionized water as the liquid medium. If the liquid medium uses antifreeze, the liquid temperature and flow parameters need to be calculated separately. Table 2 shows an example of 30% glycol antifreeze temperature and flow parameters.

Environmental Parameters

Table2 Example of temperature and flow parameters of 30% ethylene glycol antifreeze

Temperature ①Working temperature (inlet): 15℃~45℃@normal mode
15℃~35℃@high performance mode
  ②Inlet temperature control accuracy ± 2℃
  ③Storage and transportation temperature: -40~70℃
  Note: please empty the liquid in the equipment
during storage and transportation.
Flow ①Limited Data:≥11L/min
  ②Flow control accuracy± 10%
  Remarks: The temperature difference between the
inlet and outlet liquids at this flow rate is close to
10℃ @normal mode, 14℃@high-performance
Warranty Period  One year after leaving the factory


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